Still Life : Outside Window

St Andrews’ Union Auction

My dearest childhood friend, Eleanor Quinn, is tryna raise some cash for the charity Voluntary Service Overseas,┬áso she can go out to Nigeria and help out for a three whole months. (Probably best… Continue reading

Easter Papercut!

What do you do when you’re totally swamped with 6 uni projects, 1 commission, and a couple projects as a favours for friends? You spend 3 hours on a totally unrelated paper cut!… Continue reading

Fanfiction: Finals

Weeeee! After absolute hours on Illustrator, the posters are finally finished. A3 in size, soon to be litho/screen printed properly (when I find some non-existant free time…..)

Fanfiction: Process

Fanfiction: Vintage Travel Posters

After loads of deliberating, Ive decided to try and make some Travel Posters for Weatherfield as my outcome for the brief. 1) Because Weatherfield is so god damn gloomy, its an ironic contrast… Continue reading

Weatherfield: 50 years of Gloom

Friday night fun

Er yeah Friday super cool fun. My first attempt at Coptic binding. Not as neat as I’d like… And the fact that it doesn’t quite close properly… But first attempt ever and after… Continue reading